5 Tips for Small Business Marketing with LinkedIn

The start of 2015 saw LinkedIn’s marketing solutions generating 19 percent of their total revenue. With new members signing up at a rate of two per second, LinkedIn gained a total revenue of $638 million in the first quarter of this year alone.  LinkedIn is now the largest professional business networking site in the world reaching over 200 countries with over 364 million members.   So, how can small businesses harness LinkedIn’s powerful marketing potential?

As a small business, if you have only a company profile on Linked In you are seriously missing out.  As a business network, it’s more than just social.  Its demographic boasts a large number of decision makers; we’re talking limitless possibilities in marketing your business and creating key partnerships.

So if you and your business are on LinkedIn, it’s now time to exponentially increase you marketing potential with these tips:

  1. Provide more than just a link to your company’s website. Sounds intuitive, right?  But you need more than just a link from your profile to your business website.  A strong call to action attracts attention and hopefully, inspires people to click your link.   So the ‘right’ call-to-action is one more passive marketing strategy in your arsenal that can convert casual connections into customers.  Give your profile summary a little life, and avoid writing just another online cover letter.
  2. Depending upon your area of expertise or industry, write a captivating summary with personality. In your profile, add a relevant and personal story or even a video recommendation from a trusted colleague or previous client. I know this may sound basic, but people need to know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.  You don’t want to bore your profile visitors in the first few seconds, you want to keep them riveted to your page long enough to look around.
  3. Join Specific groups that target your industry. People buy and or work with people they know, and one way to do that is to join or start a LinkedIn group.  What groups can do for your business is phenomenal.  But for starters it positions you as a thought leader, at least within the group.  It will also feature your name and profile.  Who couldn’t use more exposure?   Now follow up with positive discussion and group management skills along with strong quality content, and your community will deem you as their leader.

Need more reasons to join or star t a LinkedIn group?  It will drive traffic to your site; I promise.  Also it’s a great way to send weekly messages, and get your brand and message out to more members.

  1. Create a Company Profile. If you haven’t already, create a company page.  With a company page, you can share a video, information and updates about your services or products, and bring awareness to what it is that you do.  Company pages also happen to be SEO-friendly.  Use keyword-rich phrases within your sentences, specifically the first 156 characters.  Focus on words that best describe your expertise or your business. Help others find you and your company more easily.
  2. Increase your LinkedIn ranking. People are always searching with LinkedIn. They’re looking for employers, contractors, and experts in their industry.  When you optimize your summary profile you help people find you.  You also increase the chance of people emailing, phoning or contacting you.  As membership in LinkedIn grows (364+ million members and counting), finding you and your business will only become more important and more competitive.  You want your message to reach a bigger audience by using keywords that specifically describe your ‘niche’ and your specific set of skills.

To reach a higher ranking, you need keywords in five areas of your profile: headlines, current work experience, past work experience, summary and of course, your skill set.  Use a number of different keywords that best describe your areas of specialty.

With these inbound marketing tips, opportunities can only increase.  What LinkedIn strategies do you use to amplify awareness of your business or skills?  Let’s discuss.